Friday, April 23, 2010

Stetsasonic 3 MCs with Wise, the Human Mix Machine and DJ Prince Paul

This next tape is from the Stetsasonic 3 MCs (later known as Stetsasonic) with Wise, the Human Mix Machine and on the turntables Prince Paul. No jazzy influences yet, but classic stuff! Not sure about the date but i think it's from 1984.

17.52 minutes

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tim Westwood: Mc Mello, J Boys, Sir Drew and Shortski

Ginja shares two nice Tim Westwood snippets:

MC Mello / J boys live from Dingwalls London as part of a Westwood live from London - capital radio broadcast 1989

Sir Drew & Shortski - Westwood capital rap session 1987

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tribute to Malcolm Mclaren (RIP)

Malcolm Mclaren died yesterday at the age of 64. I uploaded some material as a tribute to the man who had a major role in the globalization of hip hop.

Buffalo Gals was one of a kind and when i bought Duck Rock and Would Ya Like More Scratchin in the early 80's i couldn't stop playing them. And IMO that last album still has a unique sound after more then 25 years (of course also thanx to the World Famous Supreme Team and Trevor Horn)

And you know i love that artwork from Keith Haring: check my avatar :-)

Mclaren talking about his introduction to hip hop (from baffalo gals, back to school)
It Was a New York Phenomenon
Zulu Nation
42nd Street

4 clips
* Malcolm Mc Laren - Buffalo Gals
* Malcolm Mc Laren Feat. Eric B - Buffalo
* Malcolm McLaren - D' Ya Like Scratchin'
* Malcolm McLaren - Double Dutch (1983)

A great article by Greg Wilson (march 2004): Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Bronx: On The Unlikely Origins of the UK Hip Hop Movement

Can't talk about Mclaren and not mentioning the the World's Famous Supreme Team: World's Famous Supreme Team @ WHBI april 13, 1983

World Famous Supreme Team Show @ WHBI, unknown date,
World Famous Supreme Team 1982 Anniversary Show

Two nice mixes:
Hobo Scratch, mix by DJ Wildthing

Buffalo Gals by DJ Dirk

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mike Allen @ Capital Radio: Easter Weekend 1986

I'm not sure if most western countries also have a second 'easter day' (or easter monday), but i'm enjoying it :-)
I thought it would be nice to share this Mike Allen Easter Weekend tape from 1986. It's short but with jingles (i love that Margret Thatcher one) and commercials.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sparky Dee and LL Cool J live at the Roxy, 1985

First part of a live tape. Starts with Sparky Dee dissing Roxanne, then LL Cool J takes over with the Cut Creator.